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a photograph of Aishwarya Javalgekar, editor-in-chief

Aishwarya Javalgekar


Aishwarya (she/her) is a feminist writer and researcher with a Masters in English and a Certificate in Publishing. She studies books, myths, and films as modes of storytelling. Her short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction articles explore gender, media representation, relationships, mental health, and the body. Sometimes she finds time to color her hair and update her closet.

Find her on Twitter, Instagram and her website.

A photograph of Supriya Rakesh, Editor

Supriya Rakesh

Poetry & Prose Editor

Supriya (she/her) is a writer and social researcher with a PhD from IIMB, India. Her academic and creative writing explores themes of identity, gender and relationships through narratives or ‘storied selves’. Her recent work has been published in Kitaab, Dastaan World, and Culture Cult magazines, and anthologies like The Other. She loves the Mumbai rains, strong cups of cappuccino and stories of unrequited love.

Find her on FacebookInstagram and her website.

A photograph of Maria Picone, Art Editor

Maria Picone

Art Editor

Maria (she/her) is a writer and artist from Korea by way of Massachusetts. Her writing explores identity, mental health, memory, and broader political and social issues. She’s interested in painting, hybrid work, and photography. In her spare time, she loves drinking tea, looking for classes to take, and playing with her cat, Minwu.

Find her on Twitter and her website.

Lara Yidrim, Community Manager

Ayşe Lara Yildirim

Community Manager

Ayşe Lara (she/her) is studying English Literature at Trent University, Canada. She is a girl who loves girls and Turkish food. Her poems have been published in the university anthology Chickenscratch. In her spare time she likes to hug trees and care for her plants and animals.

Find her on Instagram.

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