meaning of ang(st)

ang(st) is an intersectional, transnational, diverse, inclusive, and queer feminist zine.

ang(st) explores the physicality of feminism — our relationships with our bodies, with society, and with other bodies. It grapples with the realities and contradictions of practicing feminism: How do we respond to the gender norms, beauty ideals, sexual connotations, and other limitations and expectations thrust upon our bodies? How do we hide (or reveal) our gender and sexuality? How do we reconcile with our trauma? How do we move on?

Moreover, ang(st) is a space for marginalized voices and identities: bodies that are considered outside the realm of ‘normal’ and ‘able’. We are primarily a platform for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, differently abled, and other underrepresented feminist voices.

We publish prose, poetry, and visual art. But we are open to interstitial and hybrid pieces: micros, personal essays, visual poetry, etc. We do not publish literary or cultural criticism, reviews, or research articles for now.

We have a soft spot for experimental and meta pieces: work that plays with the rules and blurs the boundaries of style, genre, form, and structure. We’re suckers for work that is funny, irreverent, raw, and sincere. Work that makes us laugh out loud or tugs at our soul or keeps us awake at night.

Tell us about your deepest darkest secrets, your favorite garment, your struggles or what you love about your body. This is a safe space to be vain, dramatic, sad, angry, happy, honest. Send us your stories of rage, of hurt, of healing, of celebration. Send us your stories of ang(st).

Want to submit to us?

We publish two themed issues every year: in April and October. Our vision is to curate issues that capture a range of interpretations and perspectives on every theme. Our themes body-specific but can be interpreted broadly. In addition to this, we sometimes run projects based on current events.

Read our submission guidelines first.

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We are always open to feedback and collaborations. Send us an email at angstfzine@gmail or fill the contact form below.