Queer Loving / June 2020

When we decided to create a Pride issue featuring QTBIPOC, we hoped to provide a space for tenderness, healing, and courage. We wanted to uplift voices, especially Black queer ones, that are often lost even within the queer community.

We present to you a powerful and colorful collection of pieces that embody courage in softness and vulnerability, in loving despite the odds. Embark on a journey of realization, loving, longing, and reclamation with eighteen pieces that explore: What does it mean to love? What or who do we love? Where do we feel the safest?

TW/CW: Some pieces contain reclaimed racist and homophobic slurs.

Happy reading!

Look Inside

love as a political act by Kay-Ann Henry


Kay-Ann Henry (she/her) is a queer Jamaican writer and poet living in Miami. She is currently attending the University of Miami, studying journalism, sociology and creative writing. Kay-Ann loves astrology, June Jordan and day-dreaming. Find her on Twitter @kaypoetaa_ and Instagram @kaypoetaa_.

Origin Stories by Renata Smith

hybrid | essay

I Matter by Renata Smith

visual art | collage

Renata Smith (she/her) is a queer Black girl, writer, and artist from D.C. An incoming college freshman, she loves art history, the color yellow, reading, and baking, and is planning to major in Political Science and Theatre Design with a minor in Gender Studies. Follow her on Instagram @Renata.Tsmith.

do the gods not anger? by Trishita Das


Trishita Das (she/her) is a student and writer from Mumbai, India. In her work, she celebrates and archives the magic of everyday life. She also enjoys culinary experiments, fluffy dogs and bathroom singing. Read more of her work on Instagram @fine_lined or on her blog: manybrokenteacups.wordpress.com.

The Safest Sleepover by Trinity C.

visual art | cover art

Trinity C. (she/her) is a bisexual Black artist who uses her work to explore the world, as well as herself. She wants her work to bring whatever emotion you need in that moment.  Find her on Instagram @neptuune.jpg.

billie by Feral Kenyon


Feral Kenyon, author of Phoenix: poetry and prose, is an Atlanta based author and poet. Her work stands out among other female contemporary poets by focusing on the darker sides of feminism, mental illness, and the horrors (and blessings) of everyday life as a woman. Follow her on Instagram @feralblacksheep.

Something Better by Arsha Adarsh


Arsha Adarsh (they/them) is a queer and disabled Desi writer from the UK, currently based in Oregon. A lot of their work is either written for or inspired by their relentlessly supportive queer family. Arsha’s hobbies include crochet, sleeping and learning bass guitar. Their work has been or is due to be published by Ang(st), ANEH and Write.as/cues. Find them on Twitter @Arsha_Writes and Mastodon arsha@writing.exchange.

A Radical Act of Love by Geri Gale

visual art

Forty-two Queer-Loving Years by Geri Gale

prose | excerpt from a memoir: PK, Cancer & the Tragic Ruts of Time

Geri Gale is a Jewish lesbian married to a Japanese-American. Her award-winning books include: Patrice: a poemella (2015 Silver IPPY Award: GLBT Fiction, Independent Publisher Book), Alex: The Double-Rescue Dog (2016 National Indie Excellence Award, Picture Book, Finalist), and Waiting: prosepoems (Dancing Girl Press). She is also a 2016 Moth StorySLAM winner and performed in the Moth Seattle Grand Slam. Currently she works as a copyeditor at Starbucks Creative Studio and writes and draws at night and on weekends.

Her poetry and prose have appeared in Sinister Wisdom, South Loop Review: Creative Nonfiction + Art, Bayou Magazine, Under the Sun, Raven Chronicles, Sunday Ink, Otoliths, and the Canadian Jewish Outlook. Find her at gerigale.com or on Instagram @gerigaleword.

Checkboxes by Shlagha Borah


Shlagha Borah (she/her) is pursuing her undergraduate degree from Lady Shri Ram College for women. She is a regular contributor and Select Writer for Terribly Tiny Tales and has been an editorial intern with Katha Publications. Her work has been accepted and published in various online literary platforms like Ayaskala, Marias at Sampaguitas, The Literary Impulse, GroundXero, etc. She is also the co-founder of the student-led collective called Pink Freud that works around destigmatizing mental health issues. Find her on Instagram @shlaghab.

Unity by Vanesa Cardenas Garcia

visual art

Vanesa Cardenas Garcia is a sixteen year old self taught artist in both traditional and digital mediums. She is constantly exploring her style and forms of expression in her art with themes of identity, development, home, and love in all forms. Reflecting her own mind, her art and coloring fluctuates between maturity and whimsy. Find her on Instagram at @vanes.ahh and @ar.tea.st.

White Polaroids by Hemali Gandhi

hybrid | spoken word | see performance here

If you come across a super active person who is cheering almost all the time, that is Hemali (she/her). She literally lives on biryani, thrillers and spoken word poetry. If you need a go-to person for fashion suggestions, instagram captions or great shady places to laugh your heart out at, hit her up! Instagram: @theek_hai.

pretzel girl by Noreen Ocampo


Noreen Ocampo (she/her) is a Filipina American writer studying English and Film Studies at Emory University. She is also a book reviewer for Counterclock and a regular contributor for Marías at Sampaguitas, and she aims to work in the intersection of storytelling and education. Find her on Twitter @maybenoreen and Instagram @noreen.ocampo.

Navigator by Jade Mutyora


Jade Mutyora (she/her) is a British writer of British and Zimbabwean heritage. Her novel Soaring is a coming of age story about birdwatching, friendship, and navigating two distinct families and cultures. She also writes short fiction, poems and creative non-fiction. Find her on Twitter @JadeMutyora and Instagram @jademutyorawriter.

h.e.r. by Moon Rose


Moon Rose (she/her, they/them) is a renaissance artist who specializes in word play. Her colorful language reimagines the juxtaposition of poetry and prose. Her dream is to obliterate the literary canon. You can follow her on Instagram @moonroseuniverse and on Twitter @moonroseuni

Rooted in Pride by Alexander Peterson

visual art | photography

Instagram: @iamphenomal

To Fidget With Your Hands & Your Feelings by Shringarika Pandey


Shringarika (she/her) is a 20-year-old English Literature student at Delhi University. She loves Fiona Apple’s music, metro rides and old book stores. As much as she enjoys reading, she spends more of her time looking for her glasses. Find her on Instagram @shringarikaa and Twitter @rvmantics.

But, What If… by Bonnilee Kaufman


At 65, (damn) Bonnilee Kaufman is still workin it. A Lambda Literary Fellow & QueerWise emeritus, she (dyke/femme) participates in readings at various venues. Publications include Sinister Wisdom, Selfish, The Brillantina Project, Gyroscope Review & recently included in Los Angeles’ Library National Poetry Month celebration.

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