ang(st) focuses on feminist bodies and physical experiences. Read more about us and our journey here.

What We Publish

We publish poetry and prose (creative non-fiction, micros, diary entries, personal essays, etc.) We do not publish literary or pop-culture criticism, reviews, or research articles. Currently we only publish in English, but we are looking for ways to incorporate other languages into our zine.

We publish visual and digital art, sketches, illustrations, photography, etc. We also select our cover art from the submissions we receive. We are always open to hybrid pieces or works that push the boundaries and definitions of art and language. Send them in and we’ll figure out the rest!

When We Publish

We publish themed issues twice a year. Our submission periods are:

  • Jan-March for our April issue
  • July-Sep for our October issue

We also run small projects throughout the year.

Who We Publish

Our feminism is intersectional, inclusive, queer-positive, body-positive, sex-positive, and transnational. We prioritize LGBTQ+, BIPOC, disabled, and other marginalized voices. Read our previous issues to get an idea of our themes and the kind of work we publish.

ang(st) is a safe space. We will not accept or publish content that is racist, misogynistic, ableist, queerphobic, xenophobic or discriminatory in any way. Nor do we want to publish artists who hold or advocate such beliefs. Do not send us your hateful views or trauma porn. We hold the right to remove the work of any author or artist that is revealed to hold such views or is accused of problematic behavior.

Read our interview and call for submissions here.

Submit your work to



Attach a single piece of your work as a doc/docx or a jpeg/png file. Add a PDF version to retain special formatting.

If you want to submit in multiple formats (e.g. poetry and visual art), send us 2 separate emails with a single piece per format.


Tell us how you found out about us or why you think your piece is a good fit for our theme.

We are especially looking for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other marginalized voices, so feel free (but not obligated) to highlight that.


Include a short bio (<50 words) with your pronouns (optional) and any social media links that you might want to promote.

For reference, check out our contributors’ bios here.


Specify the theme and format in the subject of the email.

This will help us manage our inbox and ensure that your email doesn’t get lost in the clutter!

E.g. (Poetry Submission – Skin)


We do not accept work that is already published, even on blogs or social media platforms. If your work was published in a magazine that has since gone dark, send us a query.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged but please inform us if your piece is accepted elsewhere.


We ask for first publication and archival rights. Copyright always rests with the author or artist but your piece will remain archived on our website.

If you publish your work somewhere else in the future, please mention that it was published with us first.


Our response time differs for issues and projects but we try to respond within 1 – 4 weeks. But we try to send a quick “confirmation of submission” email.

Feel free to send us a query or reminder if you don’t receive a response within 6 weeks.


ang(st) is run by a team of volunteers. We can’t afford to pay our contributors right now but we work hard to promote you and your work.

We do not charge submission or reading fees. We nominate for Pushcart and Best of the Net prizes.