Call for submissions: Issue 4

Our next issue focuses on the theme of HAIR.

Everyone has an opinion on hair: family, lovers, partners, friends, religion, culture, society. It has been a tool of oppression, a form of control, or an impossible beauty ideal that excludes most of the population. It has also become an extension of our identities— a form of protest, of self-expression, of finding our communities.

Tell us your hair stories: the color, the texture, the choices you make, how you feel about your hair. Has it always been in control? Have others’ opinions influenced how you wear it? What does your culture say about your hair? What’s a good or bad hair day for you? What makes you feel desirable? What makes you self-conscious?

We want fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art that intersect with broader issues or specific moments. Show us your stunning up-dos, your hair revelations, your hairy leg and sweaty armpit stories. Show us your fresh-haircut confidence and your bad hair hide-under-the-covers days.

Submit a single piece of your work to Add a short bio (<50 words) with your pronouns and social media handles. Don’t forget to mention the theme “HAIR” in the subject of your email. We welcome experimental and hybrid forms. Please read our general guidelines here before submitting.

Submissions will be open until 10th September.

Issue 4 will be out on 1st October, 2020.

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