girl after hours

By Niamh Jerrie Haran

teething nocturnal tendencies

fanging at bay

a television headset and whistling to

liberated game like a throat

lozenge tastes good when fruity

stacks of unread texts as disco ball

sour faces / flour faces

making dough rise for the thick of it

45-degree neck strain

out twin glazing for a cigarette

circumference     reason to sustain something

fucking     reason to love something


Niamh Jerrie Haran (she/her) is a lesbian poet and Irish trad musician based in London. She is part of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2019/20 and is an English Undergraduate at King’s College London. Find her on Twitter @niamhjerrie and Instagram @niamh.haran.

This piece is a part of DISTANCED 2.0.

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