found poetry

By Alice Godliman

Find new
                             to move /
Meet us for a virtual AGM / Work out with me tomorrow LIVE / Join our quarantine community! /
Online workshop tickets! / Workshop tickets are SOLD OUT /
                             self-care retreat!

Welcome to Zoom /
Welcome to Board Game Arena / Welcome to Roll20 / Welcome to Discord / Welcome to the Internet Scrabble Club /
                                            Welcome to your new
                                                                                          Nintendo Switch!


Stay motivated at home / Loving lockdown learning? /
Get creative in lockdown / Check out the best performing courses / It’s time for spring cleaning! /
What’s next
                             on Netflix?


Check out our loungewear / Upgrade your loungewear /
Soft styles for staying in / Get glam for virtual cocktails /
Slay at home!


Discover this season’s swimwear / Staycation wardrobe sorted /
Imagine yourself in the Canary Islands /
                             flights now available.


Want salon hair at home? / We’re bringing the spa to you /
How to disguise your roots /
Our online hair
                                                          is now open!


Food cupboard essentials! /
Booze flash sale!


Bar vouchers now available! / You have a refund from
Ticketmaster / You have a refund from
Seetickets / Cancelled /
Postponed until


Alice Godliman (she/her) is a writer and workshop facilitator based in Manchester, England. She’s performed for International Women’s Day and Reclaim the Night as well as the Edinburgh Fringe. You can read her work in Dear Damsels and Twist in Time Mag. You can find more of her work on Twitter @alicegodliman and Instagram @alicegodliman.

This piece is a part of DISTANCED 2.0.

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