Call for Submissions: Distanced 3.0

Call for Submissions: Distanced 3.0

The Distanced Project hopes to capture a range of experiences and responses to the self or otherwise imposed isolation due to Covid-19. How does this isolation affect our bodies? How do the intersections of our identities and physicalities affect our access to amenities and our experiences with social distancing?

Distanced 3.0 will explore the far-reaching effects of Covid-19: from the hyper-personal to the sociopolitical, from current fears to future imaginations. Zoom out and show us the bigger picture. Or give us sneak peeks of your everyday life right now: organizing your junk drawer for the first time ever or falling apart to C movies on Netflix. Capture your zany, poignant, or heartbreaking moments. Or tell us what the future might look like.

We will be publishing short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual art and hybrid pieces throughout the month of August. As always, we want work that showcases intersectional experiences and identities, especially writing and art that intersects with class, race, mental health, physical well-being, and the environment.

Please submit a single piece of your work by filling out our form.


1. When will I get published?

We are running this project through August. We will be reading submissions regularly and publishing selected work within a week.

2. Do you accept simultaneous submissions?


3. I want to submit poetry AND visual art. Do you accept multiple submissions?

We accept submissions in multiple formats. So you can submit one poem, one visual art and one prose piece. Please fill out one form per format.

4. I was published in Distanced or Distanced 2.0. Can I submit again?

We would like to open 3.0 to new writers and artists. If you have been published in Distanced or Distanced 2.0, please sit this one out. But you are more than welcome to submit for our HAIR issue.

5. Can I just email you my work?

We are using the form to manage our submissions effectively for a quicker turnaround. We will not be considering email submissions for this project.

Best of the Net 2020 Nominations

We are thrilled to announce our nominations for the Best of the Net 2020 anthology. We have been lucky to publish a lot of exemplary work this year, but these pieces really stood out to us for their talent, power, intention and control. Congratulations to these wonderful poets and writers. We wish them the best in being selected for this anthology.



Creative Nonfiction:

Call for Submissions: Distanced 2.0

Call for Submissions: Distanced 2.0

What happens to the body in times of social distancing?

The body wants to stay safe but wants familiar connections and stimulation. It hosts fears and frustrations, about survival, and the future of the world. It is tired, frantic, and fragile. It also finds hope, solitude, and peace in slowing down.

We understand the significance of these experiences and emotions, and the need to express them to the world. So we are now announcing Distanced 2.0: a platform where you can share your experiences, vent your frustrations, find digital connections, reminisce happier pasts, or imagine better futures.

Building upon our success with the Distanced Project, we want to open our doors to all forms of art: poetry, prose, fiction, creative non-fiction, hybrid, visual art, photography, etc.

How to submit:

Send a single piece of your work to with the subject (Submissions Distanced Title). Please include a short bio (< 50 words) in the body of the email along with your pronouns and social media handles.

Please only send us pieces that are currently unpublished. We ask for first world publication rights. You are free to publish your work elsewhere in the future but please mention that it was published with us first.

ang(st) is run by a team of volunteers and currently cannot offer payment to its contributors. We will be reading, responding and publishing works as and when they come in. However, please allow us some time to get back to you.