Call for Submissions: Distanced 2.0

What happens to the body in times of social distancing?

The body wants to stay safe but wants familiar connections and stimulation. It hosts fears and frustrations, about survival, and the future of the world. It is tired, frantic, and fragile. It also finds hope, solitude, and peace in slowing down.

We understand the significance of these experiences and emotions, and the need to express them to the world. So we are now announcing Distanced 2.0: a platform where you can share your experiences, vent your frustrations, find digital connections, reminisce happier pasts, or imagine better futures.

Building upon our success with the Distanced Project, we want to open our doors to all forms of art: poetry, prose, fiction, creative non-fiction, hybrid, visual art, photography, etc.

How to submit:

Send a single piece of your work to with the subject (Submissions Distanced Title). Please include a short bio (< 50 words) in the body of the email along with your pronouns and social media handles.

Please only send us pieces that are currently unpublished. We ask for first world publication rights. You are free to publish your work elsewhere in the future but please mention that it was published with us first.

ang(st) is run by a team of volunteers and currently cannot offer payment to its contributors. We will be reading, responding and publishing works as and when they come in. However, please allow us some time to get back to you.

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